The Disembodied Hand That Fisted Everyone to Death - the Musical!

SUMMARY: In 1953, Dr. Meyers of Yale University is tormented by his inferiority to his rival Dr. Jonas Salk (curer of polio), and subsequently attempts to reanimate a disembodied hand with his man servant, Kleiner. The hand escapes and is picked up by a rabid pack of extremely racist and sexist fraternity members who apparently can't tell that one of their brothers is a black woman. They bring the hand back to the house just in time for the big mixer with their favorite sorority, and all hell breaks loose as one of the sorority sisters falls in love with the hand, and fraternity and sorority members are thinned out as Dr. Meyers and Kleiner arrive to try to stop it - but it may be too late.

After selling out both performances in the Bad Theater Festival, we were asked to return to the PIT Loft for an extended run, playing every other Saturday night at 10:30 PM through February 27th.

The production then transferred to the 110-seat PIT Striker Mainstage, where it will premiere in April, playing through May. We were then extended through June, with shows on 6/3 and 6/17.

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